Demos Programme

Demos will be presented on:

  • Monday 23rd October - Affinity 1 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm and 5:30pm - 7:15pm 
  • Tuesday 24th October Affinity 1 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm and 5:30pm - 6:30pm 

Monday 23rd October

Table Number Demo Title 
1HugNLP: A Unified and Comprehensive Library for Natural Language Processing by Jianing Wang, Nuo Chen, Qiushi Sun, Wenkang Huang, Chengyu Wang and Ming Gao
2Contrastive Keyword Extraction from Versioned Documents by Lukas Eder, Ricardo Campos and Adam Jatowt
3Learning What to Ask: Mining Product Attributes for E-commerce Sales from Massive Dialogue Corpora by Yan Fan, Chengyu Wang, Fan Feng, Hengbin Cui, Yuchuan Wu and Yongbin Li
4LARCH: Large Language Model-based Automatic Readme Creation with Heuristics by Yuta Koreeda, Terufumi Morishita, Osamu Imaichi and Yasuhiro Sogawa
5PyABSA: A Modularized Framework for Reproducible Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis by Heng Yang, Chen Zhang and Ke Li
6Cluster-Explorer: An interactive Framework for Explaining Black-Box Clustering Results by Sariel Tutay and Amit Somech
7DataDoc Analyzer: A tool for analyzing the documentation of scientific datasets by Joan Giner Miguelez, Abel Gómez and Jordi Cabot
8AQUAPLANE: The Argument Quality Explainer App by Sebastian Britner, Lorik Dumani and Ralf Schenkel
9CRUISE-Screening: Living Literature Reviews Toolbox by Wojciech Kusa, Petr Knoth and Allan Hanbury
10gFOV: A Full-Stack SPARQL Query Optimizer & Plan Visualizer by Yue Pang, Linglin Yang, Lei Zou and Tamer Özsu
11NumJoin: Discovering Numeric Joinable Tables with Semantically Related Columns by Pranav Subramaniam, Udayan Khurana, Kavitha Srinivas and Horst Samulowitz
12IMinimize: A System for Negative Influence Minimization via Vertex Blocking by Siyi Teng, Jiadong Xie, Mingkai Zhang, Kai Wang and Fan Zhang
13STREAMER 3.0: Towards Online Monitoring and Distributed Learning by Sandra Garcia Rodriguez, Baudouin Naline and Karine Zeitouni

Tuesday 24th October

Table Number  Demo Title 
1The µ-RA system for recursive path queries over graphs by Amela Fejza, Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida and Sarah Chlyah
2Demonstration of ViTA: Visualizing, Testing and Analyzing Index Advisors by Wei Zhou, Chen Lin, Xuanhe Zhou, Guoliang Li and Tianqing Wang
3A Data-Driven Index Recommendation System for Slow Queries
4DiscoverPath: A Knowledge Refinement and Retrieval System for Interdisciplinarity on Biomedical Research
5Misinformation Concierge: A proof-of-concept with COVID-19 vaccination Twitter dataset
6An AI-based Simulation and Optimization Framework for Logistic Systems
7SNAKE challenge: Sanitization algorithms under attack
8NP-SSL: A Modular and Extensible Self-supervised Learning Library with Neural Processes
9MORPHER: Structural Transformation of ill-formed Rows
10EFFECTS: Explorable and Explainable Feature Extraction Framework for Multivariate Time-Series Classification
11MOSS: AI Platform for Discovery of Corrosion-Resistant Materials
12SEDAR: A Semantic Data Reservoir for Heterogeneous Datasets
13ParkFlow: Intelligent Dispersal for Mitigating Parking Shortages with Multi-Granular Spatial-Temporal Analysis

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