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Scientists and Engineers in fluid dynamics and solid mechanics rely on measurements to make breakthroughs in applied research, technology development, and quality assurance.

Dantec Dynamics develops and sells integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology. We deliver turnkey and customized solutions built on high-end laser optics, imaging, and sensor technologies. Our user-friendly software performs advanced data analysis and produces real-time results. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in providing our clients superior technical application support worldwide.

You gain accurate measurement results easily and quickly which help you accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, quality control or NDT. Our distinct competence and experience in integrating measurement methods and technologies into the right solution for you, is unique.

Partnering with Dantec Dynamics helps you gain crucial knowledge from any test or measurement campaign.

Dantec Dynamics – Turn Measurements into Knowledge

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Evolution Measurement are experts in industries that require highly accurate physical measurement, instrumentation and calibration.

Based in Andover, they represent DMA, Guildline Instruments, Scanivalve, streamwise and wekomm and provide bespoke solutions in multi-point pressure and temperature measurement, as well as manufacturing the highly successful EvoScann® range of miniature pressure scanners.

Evolution Measurement also provide local product service and support and work in a diverse range of industries from Aerospace, Motor-Sport, Power Generation, Universities and Research Establishments, where customers value the most technically capable, leading-edge solutions to bring value to their own businesses.

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