PIPRA AG, a visionary MedTech start-up based in Zurich, is at the forefront of developing revolutionary products that harness the power of A.I. and high-grade patient data for the prevention, prediction, and diagnosis of delirium. Our flagship product, PIPRA (Pre-Interventional Preventive Risk Assessment), is an advanced pre-operative risk assessment tool that accurately evaluates a patient's risk of developing postoperative delirium (POD).

With a user-friendly web or app-based interface, PIPRA's risk assessment takes less than two minutes, providing clinicians with a score-based evaluation to identify vulnerable patients. The underlying data behind our cutting-edge Algorithm has been recently published in the prestigious journal "Age and Ageing," showcasing our commitment to evidence-based practices.

By incorporating PIPRA into their clinical workflows, healthcare professionals gain valuable insights to implement targeted preventive strategies, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and reducing the incidence of delirium. This individualized approach optimizes healthcare resource allocation, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care.

In recognition of our groundbreaking efforts, PIPRA AG has been honored with the esteemed VBHC Primary Care Award by Value Based Healthcare Center (VBHC) Europe. This award highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional patient value through real outcomes, meaningful connections, and advancing primary care initiatives.


The British Geriatrics Society 

The British Geriatrics Society is the association for professionals working in the healthcare of older people across the UK. We are the only society in the UK offering expertise in the health care of older people and providing a national voice for specialists working in this field.  

Our 4,600 strong membership is multidisciplinary. It includes consultants, nurses, GPs, psychiatrists, allied healthcare professionals, and researchers. Everyone specialising in the healthcare of older people is welcome to join! 

Your membership fee depends on where you are in your career, how you pay for membership and if you are overseas. 

Joining the BGS gives you access to a range of professional support and benefits, including: 

  • Discounted fees for BGS events (saving up to £240 on fees) 
  • CPD (continuing professional development) at almost all of our events 
  • Online subscriptions to our scientific journal Age & Ageing (available with most membership categories) - worth £433.00 on the open market 
  • The chance to network with other specialists and experts in the care of older people face to face and via our members' directory 
  • Special Interest Groups within the society that focus on specific conditions 
  • Regular communications on the latest news and events 
  • Entitlement to apply for a grant for BGS events  



Exersides® Refraint®

HDmedical.org was founded by ICU physician Marie Pavini MD FCCM FCCP, dedicated to preventing iatrogenic cognitive and physical catastrophe. The Exersides® Refraint® is a clinically trialed safe restraint alternative designed to allow in-bed freedom of movement without entanglement in tubes and lines and without constant supervision to break the cycle of over-sedation for agitated delirium.

DelTrain™ VR is a virtual reality staff Delirium educational tool designed to place the User in the body and mind of the Patient as they become delirious, and then into the body of the Caregiver as they learn techniques and assessments to prevent and recognize Delirium. Go to [Vimeo link] to watch a video clip on these innovative and game changing medical staff-developed tools.

Exersides® Refraint® and DelTrain™ VR are offered for Adults and Pediatrics and designed for ICU, general wards, neuro units, special needs patients, post-op units, acute rehabs, home/hospice, accident & injury (emergency) departments, PTSD patients, and emergency transport.

Email an HDmedical.org clinician at Hello@HDmedical.org to schedule a video call and see what might be right for your site, or browse www.HDmedical.org to learn about delirium, PICS, PTSD & veterans, pediatrics, research, enter our free interactive portal & more. #Refraint not restraint! #DelTrainVR


Would you like to sponsor this conference?

We invite sponsors to join the European Delirium Association Conference, a multidisciplinary event aimed at advancing the understanding and management of delirium, and one of the world’s most important meetings about delirium. Delirium is when people develop sudden changes to their thinking, and consciousness. They can be sleepy, or agitated, and become forgetful or muddled. Some people hallucinate and develop problems with their language. Delirium is usually triggered by infections, or surgery, and although it recovers in most people, can lead to longer term problems such as dementia. Delirium affects up to 1 in 5 patients in hospitals, so is very common. 

Having a presence at the conference will allow sponsors the opportunity to connect with around 220-280 participants from across the world, but mainly from European countries, with both doctors, scientists and non-doctor medical practitioners working in a range of specialities from A&E, acute medicine, geriatric medicine, intensive care medicine, neurology, psychiatry, paediatrics, and anaesthetics.

Please click here to view the Sponsorship Brochure. 

If you have any queries please contact us at academic.conferences@contacts.bham.ac.uk