Nikos Giatrakos, Elias Alevizos, Antonios Deligiannakis, Ralf Klinkenberg and Alexander Artikis
Proactive Streaming Analytics at Scale: AJourney from the State-of-the-art to a Production Platform
Collin Leiber, Lukas Miklautz, Claudia Plant and Christian Böhm
Application of Deep Clustering Algorithms
Omar Alonso and Kenneth Church
Some Useful Things to Know When Combining IR andNLP: the Easy, the Hard and the Ugly
Felipe Moraes, Hugo Manuel Proença, Anastasiia Kornilova, Javier Albert, Dmitri Goldenberg
Uplift Modeling: from Causal Inference toPersonalization
Pengfei Wang, Chenliang Li, Lixin Zou, Kaiyuan Li, Zhichao Feng, Xiaochen Li, Xialong Liu and Shangguang Wang
Tutorial: Data Denoising Metrics in Recommender Systems
Heydar Soudani, Faegheh Hasibi and Evangelos Kanoulas
Data Augmentation for Conversational AI
Bo Xiong, Mojtaba Nayyeri, Daniel Daza and Michael Cochez
Reasoning beyond Triples: Recent Advances inKnowledge Graph Embeddings
Erasmo Purificato, Ludovico Boratto and Ernesto William De Luca
Leveraging Graph Neural Networks for User Profiling: Recent Advances and Open Challenges
Krisztian Balog and Chengxiang Zhai
Tutorial on User Simulation for Evaluating Information Access Systems

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