CIKM 2023 AnalytiCup is an open competition including compelling data challenges aimed at members of industry and academia interested in information and knowledge management. The challenges will be rolled out progressively and last for several weeks. The final solutions will be presented at CIKM 2023 AnalytiCup sessions which is to be held in conjunction with the CIKM conference during October 2023.

We invite proposals from practitioners across industry and academia who are interested in the areas of information retrieval, databases, and knowledge management. The best fit proposal should include a well-motivated goal with a positive social impact, a novel and challenging task, a fair setup with stable evaluation approach, and adequate amount of real-world data for the competition. The key parameters are:

  • A well-motivated goal: A goal of the proposed competition should be solving a challenging real-world problem at the same time impacting the research and other communities positively. A good competition is where the output of the competition should lead to a greater good of everyone, such proposals are encouraged.
  • A challenging task: The task should be challenging in the sense that there is enough room for improvement from the basic solutions, and novel ideas are required to succeed in the competition. At the same time the task should be manageable in about 2 months' time.
  • A fair setup: The organizers should guarantee the availability of the data and the confidentiality of the test set. The evaluation metrics should be both meaningful for the application in-hand and statistically sound for the objective comparison. The baseline should be established to show that non-trivial results can be achieved.
  • Real-world data: A proposal should clearly explain what data will be provided for competition and the source of the data. Also, explain how/why the provided data is sufficient for the competition.

A proposal should cover all the important details such as dates, submission and evaluation of results, etc. and describe the competition rules clearly.

Please provide following details with your proposal:

Title: The title of your challenge.

Problem Description: Describe the problem clearly in detail. Explain the importance of the problem and its impact. Discuss different scenarios for the problem with its challenges and limitations. Share details of the dataset and how it can be accessed by participants. If the proposed competition includes more than one track, please describe each track clearly and show unique value for each track.

Evaluation Methodology: Describe how you plan to evaluate the submission. Select the evaluation method which is fair and statistically robust.

Suggested Participants: Provide a list of suggested participants in the challenge.

Timeline of the Challenge: Dates for expected start of the competition, user registration, team formation, submission, evaluation, and notification.

Awards: Specify the type and form of the awards you want to share with the winners.

Host information: Names, affiliations, email addresses, and short biographies of the organisers.

Important Dates

All deadlines are at 11:59pm in the Anywhere on Earth time zone.

  • Proposal due: June 7, 2023
  • Notification: June 10, 2023
  • Competition Kickoff: June 23, 2023
  • Competition Ends: September 8, 2023

Submit your proposal: 

For any questions, contact us at

AnalytiCup Chairs:

  • Cathal Gurrin, DCU, Ireland
  • Prasenjit Majumder, DAIICT and TCG CREST, India
  • Alex Karazoglou, Google, Switzerland

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